Welcome to ShakAcademy!

Here at ShakAcademy we believe that everyone has the power to create meaningful content that not only engages and entertains but also informs and educates.

ShakAcademy was born from a desire to increase the overall standard of content being produced by entrepreneurs and business owners. ShakAcademy provides the education you need to take control of your online content creation and become a warrior content creator!

Our Story

In the early months of 2020 most to all events around the Brisbane area (where our photography + video production company is established) were cancelled due to COVID-19 and as a result we were hit pretty hard. But, rather than bury our heads in the sand we looked at online methods to sustain revenue.

After 5 years creating video and photography content for business around Australia via my core business ShakStudios I (Daniel Shakibaie) had noticed that there was a visible difference between the ‘professional’ content my clients were paying myself and other freelancers/agencies to get produced and the content that they would be producing themselves. Often using smartphones.

And there you have it, ShakAcademy was born!

An online educational resource for entrepreneurs and business owners to increase the standard of the content they are creating themselves.

Daniel Shakibaie, Founder of ShakAcademy

We Create Professional Courses About

  • Copywriting: How to write for different online platforms.
  • Photography: Photography tips, tricks and when to use stock.
  • Video Content Creation: How to courses, tips and best practices.