Health Professional’s guide to making videos

Your clients are watching videos online to find health care solutions. This course will teach you all the video creation foundations to increase the production quality of your videos!

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Everyone’s learning journey is different. Each of us learn at different steps, paces and strides. That’s why we provide ‘on your terms’ learning. With ShakAcademy you are able to pause your lessons, digest the content and continue learning.

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With ShakAcademy you can discuss courses, lessons & learnings with other business owners who are walking the same path as you. Need help on a section? With all ShakStudios-created courses, you can even interact with your instructors!

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Education is a right for all! That’s why we have course for all budgets, industries and capacities. We provide ‘to the point’, researched and engaging courses so that you can quickly focus on what is necessary for your business.

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We are so confident in our courses that we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Not sure about a course? If, after 30 days, you feel like you didn’t achieve a significant and valuable return on your investment, we’ll refund you in full.  

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